How to Charge the X-Wrist Band

Charging it is simpler thank you think

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The band does not come with a USB charger because it can use any USB port that you have around the house.

Please note that the product is new and the straps are molded on it. Once you are able to remove the strap for the first time it will become exponentially more easier each time.

This video guide will show you how to charge your X-Wrist band properly:


1. Hold the band with one hand and with the other hand pull hard to remove the silicone strap from the device.

Be sure to remove the one that has the USB icon on the side of the band - it should be the bottom strap.

Note: Don't worry about applying more force when pulling it, you will not damage the strap, it is made from high quality material. It's just these first times in the beginning it's a bit more 'stiff' , because it's freshly manufactured. It will be removed a lot easier in the future.

2. Plug the USB side of the band in any household USB port you own. (Phone USB charger, laptop, smart tv, etc.)

3. While the band is charging, a small battery will appear on the band display. When battery is full, it will show a full battery.

Note: It takes about 2 hours for the band to fully charge. During this time the band may vibrate in the charger, don't worry it is normal - it is just a reminder not to forget about it in there.

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