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iPhone Connection Guide: How to connect the X-Wrist Watch to your Apple iPhone
iPhone Connection Guide: How to connect the X-Wrist Watch to your Apple iPhone

How to connect & sync your X-wrist watches on iOS devices

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This guide will show you how to connect your X-Wrist watch to your Apple iPhone (and troubleshoot when it doesn't work).

First off - make sure you download the X-Wrist app for iOS.

Note: The most important thing you need to do is give the X-Wrist mobile app all the permissions it requires for it to function properly. 

In order for the watch to sync in the background and show you all the data it measures real-time in the app - we need the following permissions:

You can find these settings in your iPhone "Settings" -> Scroll to the bottom, find and tap on the "X-Wrist" app. The permissions should be as it follows:

  1. Location -> "Always"

  2. Bluetooth -> "On"

  3. Notifications -> "Allow notifications"

  4. Background App Refresh -> "On"

  5. Mobile Data -> "On"

Note: Location access by default when you accept via the pop-up will not show the option "Always". You need to go to your iPhone settings and give this permission manually to the X-Wrist app.

Steps to Connect the X-Wrist band to your App & Phone

1. Open the X-Wrist mobile app

Note: When you first open the app it will ask you for Bluetooth, Notifications, and Location permissions.

2. Allow access to everything that pops up on your screen

3. Tap on "SIGN UP NOW" at the bottom of the screen

4. Connect with "X-Wrist Band"

5. Press on your Band ID from the list (if you have only one X-Wrist in Bluetooth range, only your watch will appear on this screen)

A47D is my personal band ID. Yours will appear as E300/S2/E90 + plus a different combination of 4 characters.

Note: if you do not see your band appearing in the list there is most likely an app permissions issue. Please give the app all the permissions it needs from the top of this article.

6. Continue creating your account (follow all the steps)

NOTE: Connectivity might be lost from time to time due to the operating system closing background processes in order to conserve battery. This is why it's important to open the app from time to time. In case of a loss of connectivity, simply reconnect the watch.

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