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Manual and automatic workouts: how they work
Manual and automatic workouts: how they work

All about workouts using X-Wrist

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NOTE: Workouts are currently disabled.

In order to provide a better experience and calculate your BMI correctly we have disabled the workouts.

We are trying to use all the sensors in the band to provide a better correct calorie loss.(Skin temperature during workout, blood pressure, respiration per minute, etc.)

Our engineers are working to provide the best experience with all available data.

This note has been written on 30.12.2021

There are two ways you can track a workout.

Track a workout from the band.

  • Just press the main button for 3 seconds and choose the desired workout type, then press again to start it.

  • After you finish the workout press again to finish.

The application will register the workout automatically.

During the workout all the sensors from the band will be used (blood pressure, breathing rate, temperature sensor, etc.) so we can calculate the correct calories burned.

You can then check your tracked workout inside the app by pressing the X menu button inside the dashboard or by navigating to "Monitor" โ†’ "Workouts".

You will see the workout automatically synced there.

Manually add a workout

If the workout is not displayed there or if you forgot to start the workout on your band, you can manually add it anytime by navigating to "Workouts" and pressing the "Add manual workout button".

After pressing the button you'll see the following menu:

  1. Choose your workout type.

  2. Choose the date you completed it (note that it must be a past date).

  3. Choose the hour you had your workout.

  4. The approximate duration of the workout ( you can either drag the time bar or enter it directly).

Note that after entering this info, you'll be able to see all the fitness data extracted for that timeframe.

Press the "Add workout" (and we will extract the data that has been recorded automatically during that specific time) - then press OK.

That workout will be displayed on your week-view screen or on the month-view if it is older than 7 days.

If you click on it you can check your stats inside.

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