X-Wrist watches - materials used

If you have contact allergy or dermatitis read this.

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Allergens and materials used.

X-Wrist watches use the following materials when being produced:

1. Enclosure: Metal alloy + stainless steel

2. Bottom shell: PC + ABS + medical 316 steel sheet (2 small biometric rods that touch the skin directly)

3. Strap: Environmental protection TPU or Leather strap (depending on choice)

They contain on the back:

1) Nickel (metal)

According to National Skin Center if you have a red, itchy rash under a jean stud, zip or watch strap buckle which can be due to irritation and sweat or an allergy to Nickel.

2) Acrylates (plastic)

According to Medline if your skin becomes red, sore, or inflamed after using some plastic materials then you have an allergy to Acrylates.

If this is the case please contact [email protected] in order to avoid unneccessary returns.

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