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How to set up on Xiaomi devices

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This guide was written for Xiaomi mi lite 5g MIUI Global 12.5.6 but we have found it useful for Poco X3 pro phones aswell.

This guide was written in 01.01.2022 and as android operating system updates regularly, the settings might have been changed. If you spot any difference please let us know.

Press on the X-Wrist app inside your phones main screen and keep it pressed until you can see "app info".

Then go to app settings and press on "Autostart on", this will make X-Wrist start on phone reboot.

Press on "other permissions" and enable all of them.

Go back to app permissions and Allow all.

Go back to "Battery Saver" and chose "No Restrictions".

Go back to phone settings and search for "Notifications" and press "Notification Access".

Search for the X-Wrist app and allow notifications.

Done. Now you can fully use your X-Wrist band and app.

If the band is still not found in the app reset it to factory settings and try again.

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