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How to Switch from Apple Health / Google Fit to your new X-Wrist Watch
How to Switch from Apple Health / Google Fit to your new X-Wrist Watch

In case you initially created your account by connecting to your Google Fit / Apple Health data, here is how to change it to your watch.

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Note: this tutorial applies both to Google Fit & Apple Health connections. The procedure is the same and the screens have the same information (except the Google Fit / Apple Health names)

Go to:

Explore -> Settings -> Connectivity & Data Sources

In case you're already using Google Fit / Apple Health as the data source for your X-Wrist app, you should see the following screen:

Step 1: Press "Delete connection"

Step 2: On the confirmation pop-up press "Yes"

Ok you removed the connection. Now on the Connectivity & Data Source you have the same 2 options as when you created the account.

Step 3: Press "Use your X-Wrist Band"

Step 4: On the confirmation pop-up press "Yes"

Now it should show up that you chose the X-Wrist watch. However, the connection with your watch is not yet created. For that you need to...

Step 5: Press "Change Band"

Step 6: On the pop-up dialog you'll see the available watches. Press on your band ID and it will connect.

NOTE: If you have multiple watches and don't know which one is yours, here's how to find out your band ID.

Finally, you should see "Connected" on your screen and the battery %, and it will start syncing the data from the watch:

Next up - make sure you have your profile set up accordingly so the watch can measure your health & fitness data accurately.


If your watch does not show up on the list, it's probably because the app doesn't have the required permissions and you need to set it up accordingly. Please check our much more detailed guides to properly set it up:

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