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Band Connectivity
Android Connection Guide: How to connect the X-Wrist watch to your Android phone
Android Connection Guide: How to connect the X-Wrist watch to your Android phone

How to connect & sync your X-Wrist band on Android devices

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  • Location must be on* and

  • Location permissions must be set to "Always allow"

  • Bluetooth must be on

  • Notification permision must be on

  • Notifications must be on (different than notification permision)

*We use location services to send you location-based offers and discounts near you inside the app.

When creating a new account - DO NOT PRESS ON "Google Fit" as you must connect the app with your band. This option is for users which do not own an X-Wrist device.

Make sure you enabled Bluetooth and Location services, then press ok.

If the band is not displayed on the screen like the image below, it means that the location permissions for the app are not properly set.

Depending on your Android phone model, the permissions might look like this:

We recommend giving full access to everything for the following reasons:

Location permissions

Android cannot connect to Bluetooth wrist bands without location-enabled. In addition, we use location to give you weather Information and personalized offers for your area.

Bluetooth permissions

Our band uses BLE (Bluetooth low energy) to connect and sync with the X-Wrist phone app.

Camera & files and media permissions

You need camera permissions to be able to post on your social profile inside the app as well as to use other features of the app such as sending photos to the doctors or taking food pictures.

Phone access permission

Our doctors need permission for the phone app in order for them to be able to call you inside the app.


The app needs to send you notifications with health insights and other relevant and important information.

After you set all the proper permissions, force close the app or go back and try again, you should be able to see the band now.

After you press on the band a "connecting" screen will appear.

After a few seconds, the band will connect.

If it does not, please make sure you set the proper permissions and if you did and still can't connect, don't hesitate to contact us and we'll help you throughout the process.

After is connected, the app will ask you for the e-mail account you will use to sign in to the app and a password for it.

Please do not use the same password that you use for your e-mail address

In the next screens make sure you complete your user profile matching your body type, age, gender, etc. otherwise we can't give you the most accurate health insights.

Make sure all the information is correct as we use this data in order to activate your payment system.

Note that we will ask for a picture of your real documents if you want to be able to pay with your X-Wrist band.

Chose your daily fitness goal and we will tailor the challenges according to your needs and wants.

Enter your current body weight and height and we will determine your BMI (Body mass index) so we can calculate your burned calories and send you tailored food insights.

Enter your target weight so we can help you reach it by providing proper challenges and motivation.

Enter the desired frequency of your workouts so we can adjust and provide relevant insight that will help you reach your goals.

After you press "Finish", the dashboard will appear showing the band connected.

NOTE: Connectivity might be lost from time to time due to the operating system closing background processes in order to conserve battery. This is why it's important to open the app from time to time. In case of a loss of connectivity, simply reconnect the watch.

Because multiple android versions and phone models exists we cannot write specific connection guides for all of them.

Here are a few of the most notable phone models:

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